HTA has partnered with RECycling of Used Plastics Limited (RECOUP) and completed Recyclability by Design framework document


Image: HTA has urged for more local authorities to collect non-black recyclable plant pots from the kerbside. Photo: Courtesy of Jesus Leal from Pixabay.

UK garden industry trade association the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) has asked local authorities to collect more non-black plant pots from the kerbside for recycling.

According to its research, HTA found that the recycling of plant pots could result in diverting an estimated 8,000 tonnes of polypropylene from reaching landfills and recycled back into pots.

HTA policy and communications director James Clark spoke at the RECOUP Plastics Recycling and Resources Conference in Peterborough, addressing UK horticulture industry to use non-black polypropylene kerbside recyclable plant pots.

James Clark said: “Gardeners are environmentally conscious, concerned about using materials sustainably and expect the garden industry to do the right thing.  The industry has made huge developments over the past year in introducing non-black kerbside recyclable plant pots.

“We will be stepping up our campaign activity and want to work with the waste and recycling industry to progress this initiative. There is no better time to do so given that the evidence is clear that non-black plant pots are recyclable, particularly with the launch of the Recyclability by Design document.”

Recyclability by Design framework evaluates recycling in kerbside collections

HTA has partnered with RECycling of Used Plastics Limited (RECOUP) and completed Recyclability by Design framework document, which provides technical assurance of the new pots to recyclers

HTA said that the clear demand for polypropylene from UK re-processors provides a huge opportunity to recycle more plant pots, and the kerbside compliant pots would divert an estimated 8,000 tonnes of quality polypropylene away from landfill and energy from waste and back into the recycling stream to be made into more pots.

According to the company, the recycling of plant pots would contribute a significant proportion with a total of 23,000 tonnes of polypropylene recycled in the UK

In addition, local authorities have already started collecting recyclable plant pots, underlining that plant pots can be made from a material with an end market.