The new line will enable the firm to launch new beers specifically for the craft can sector later this year and will also offer a quality canning service to other brewers


Hepworth & Company unveils investment plan to install new canning line at its Sussex brewery. (Credit: StockSnap from Pixabay)

UK-based Hepworth & Company has announced an investment programme at its Sussex brewery to increase production and improve sustainability.

The funds will be used to install a new 30,000 cans/per hour capacity canning line and implement several environmental measures to help the brewer reach its 85% carbon neutral target by 2025.

Scheduled to be operational by next month, the canning line will enable Hepworth to introduce new beers specifically for the craft can sector later this year.

The plant will make use of the new capacity to offer a quality canning service to other brewers.

Hepworth & Company founder and managing director Andy Hepworth said: “Our limited experience of canning beers has been something of a mixed bag, which most brewers who have explored canning will relate to – so many brewers we have spoken to have a horror story to tell about outsourced canning.

“Given our many years of successful contract bottling, the logical move was to bring canning in-house, which gives us complete control over the quality of our canned beers and means we can go to our contract customers with a new service.

“The thirst for canned beers looks set to continue growing so we’re confident there will be demand from brewers who know Hepworth’s as a trusted contractor.”

To achieve its carbon-neutral target, the firm will also implement a CO2 reclaim project in autumn 2022.

This comes after a series of environmental initiatives the company has put in place since launching its brewery in a purpose-built facility close to Horsham, West Sussex, in 2016.

Andy Hepworth will oversee the investment programme. He is stepping down from day-to-day operations to become chairman to guide more new projects.

The company’s existing portfolio includes cask, keg, and bottled beers.