The new PaperSeal Slice and PaperSeal Wedge products are said to be suitable for sliced meat and cheese applications


Graphic Packaging’s PaperSeal Wedge Tray. (Credit: Graphic Packaging International, LLC)

Paper-based packaging solutions provider Graphic Packaging International has expanded its PaperSeal tray range with the introduction of new PaperSeal Slice and PaperSeal Wedge.

The new PaperSeal Slice and PaperSeal Wedge products have been developed for retailers to use in sliced meat and cheese applications.

Graphic Packaging has designed the new recyclable, barrier-lined and paperboard packaging solutions to replace plastic thermoformed trays.

According to the company, both PaperSeal Slice and Wedge provide improved branding capabilities with quality graphics to facilitate on-shelf differentiation.

Graphic Packaging global innovation and new business senior vice president Ricardo De Genova said: “Compared to traditional plastic trays, PaperSeal Slice typically reduces plastic by 75 percent and PaperSeal Wedge by 80 percent.

“The innovative new designs also use lighter weight paperboard to deliver reduced pack weights that can support our customers’ packaging sustainability goals. Both are available as formed or flat trays.”

The PaperSeal Slice and PaperSeal Wedge products hold the potential to withstand the challenges of the current supply chain with better seal integrity and shelf life equivalent to traditional plastic trays.

Similar to the existing PaperSeal trays, the top film and liner can be separated from the paperboard to improve post-use recycling.

The company stated that both new solutions are ready to commercialise and designed to meet the requirements of high-speed food manufacturing lines.

The Graphic Packaging Vision 2025 intends to make 100% of its products fully recyclable by 2025.

Last month, Graphic Packaging launched a new sustainable paperboard packaging range called  ProducePack for fresh produce applications.