The new ProducePack punnet trays have been designed as an alternative to plastic punnet trays for fresh fruit and vegetables


ProducePack Punnet trays for various applications. (Credit: Graphic Packaging International, LLC)

Fibre-based packaging solutions provider Graphic Packaging International has introduced ProducePack punnet trays, as part of its sustainable efforts.

The new paperboard tray has been designed as an alternative to plastic punnet trays for fresh fruit and vegetables.

The new fully recyclable product, which is available for all commonly used punnet sizes, is expected to reduce plastic by up to 100% based on application.

According to the company, the ProducePack punnet allows growers and retailers to meet the increased consumer demand for hygiene while also prioritising sustainability.

Graphic Packaging has designed the new punnet to be top-sealed at speeds equivalent to traditional plastic punnets, as well as to work with existing machinery and tooling for plastic trays.

The company is also offering a range of board and barrier options to efficiently maintain the package in cold storage and throughout the supply chain.

ProducePack punnet is available in formed or flat options, while the latter option will help reduce CO2 in transit due to higher punnet tray volume per truckload.

The punnet’s features can also be customised to meet the requirements of various markets and potential applications.

In addition, ProducePack punnet can be graphically printed to enhance branding opportunities without using additional labelling.

Graphic Packaging International sustainability manager Elodie Bugnicourt said: “ProducePack Punnet delivers a 90 percent reduction in plastic when compared to polypropylene or polyester trays, and a 100 percent reduction if a barrier coating is not necessary for the application.

“It is expected to provide carbon footprint reduction versus standard fossil plastic trays and a much greater circularity with an average paperboard recycling rate of more than double that of plastics, on average, in most countries.”

Last month, Graphic Packaging introduced new PaperSeal Slice and PaperSeal Wedge tray products for retailers to use in sliced meat and cheese applications.