The new Eco HotPro product range, designed to support high-temperature sterilisation, can be used for hot-fill food applications


Faerch has launched new circular mono-PET pot range for dairy market. (Credit: Faerch A/S)

Sustainable food packaging solutions provider Faerch has launched a new circular mono-PET pot range, dubbed Eco HotPro product family, for the dairy market.

Designed to support high-temperature sterilisation (HTS), the new recyclable mono-PET pot range is suitable for hot-fill food applications.

Faerch stated that HTS is a significant feature in multiple dairy categories and needs packaging to withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees.

Based on Faerch’s CPET technology, Eco HotPro product range is produced using up to 75% of recycled post-consumer content without compromising on food safety or any other functional property.

Once used, Eco HotPro products can be recycled to new food-grade products of the same quality in multiple life cycles, said the company.

Customers can select a range of shapes, cut sizes and colours, including white, from the new Eco HotPro Pot product family.

Eco HotPro can also be incorporated with the Evolve by Faerch concept to avoid the addition of extra colours to the recycled content the pots are made from.

Faerch stated that the introduction of the Eco HotPro product range is part of a wider product development programme to advance the transition of food packaging towards circularity.

Faerch UK CEO Spencer Johnston said: “We are proud that we can contribute by introducing our Eco HotPro Pot range allowing Dairies to switch to truly circular packaging solutions.

“Circularity in food packaging is not a distance vision for us, it is reality already today: We manufacture food containers from recycled post-consumer content and recycle them back into food-grade material. We do this every day at industrial scale.”

In November 2020, Faerch acquired Sirap food packaging business in Italy, Poland and Spain from Italmobiliare for an undisclosed sum.

The acquired business will also help Faerch to strengthen its Pan-European operations, in addition to boosting its circularity agenda and implementation of sustainability strategy across Europe.