Novolex brand Eco-Products has introduced new compostable lids, which enable sipping without a straw.


Image: Eco-Products already is supplying arenas in the US and Canada with the compostable lids. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / Eco-Products.

Eco-Products designed new compostable due to increase in consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

Developed by using a plant-based plastic, the new compostable lids facilitates easy sipping from a cup without spilling.

Eco-Products is already distributing compostable lids in the arenas of US and Canada, enabling fans not spill their beverages when they cheer their favorite teams.

Eco-Products marketing director Sarah Martinez said: “We tried out the lids first with Canadian hockey fans. They loved not spilling their beers, so we knew we had a winner.”

Eco-Products’ cold cup sip lids enable consumers to easily drink from a cup with the lid on. The lids, which are designed to avoid spills and splashback, are available in different sizes to be used for a variety of cups.

According to Eco-Products, the lids are made from 100% renewable resources, BPI certified and meet ASTM International standards for compostability.

Martinez further said: “If a customer doesn’t want to use a straw, restaurants, stadiums and arenas want to give them an option that doesn’t include spilling their drink,”

“We want to create products that are great for customers and deliver real environmental benefits,” Martinez added. “Our compostable lids do just that.”

Eco-Products provides a range of single-use foodservice products produced by using renewable and recycled resources.

The brand’s products comprise of plates, bowls, hot cups, cold cups, utensils, food containers, straws and others.

The brand also produces different cold cup products such as GreenStripe cold cups, BlueStripe cold cups, World Art cold cups, GreenStripe cold cup lids, BlueStripe cold cup lids, renewable and compostable straws.

It also produces products such as paper containers, clear containers, sugarcane containers and wheat straw containers, as well as limited edition products.

Eco-Products is a certified B corporation that was established in 1990 to provide products made from recycled materials.