The inverted bottle design, no-flip cap and self-sealing valve are said to facilitate easy one-handed use of the liquid dish soap to very last drop


Dawn EZ-Squeeze with no-flip cap and self-sealing valve. (Credit: Business Wire.)

Procter and Gamble (P&G) has updated the packaging of its liquid dish soap brand, Dawn, with a new inverted bottle design, dubbed Dawn EZ-Squeeze.

Dawn EZ-Squeeze comes with a patented no-flip cap, and self-sealing valve, which enables the product to stand on its cap and dispense from the bottom.

Its one-handed design allows users to easily apply the intended amount of liquid dish soap directly to dishes with enhanced control, said the company.

Procter & Gamble Dish Care North America vice president Guerin McClure said: “Dish soap bottles are one of the most-used household items, so they should be easy to use, from the first drop to the last.

“You’ve likely spent time shaking, flipping, and banging your dish soap bottle on the countertop in a messy attempt to make the most of every drop.

“With Dawn EZ-Squeeze we wanted to create a dish soap that was designed to be fast and easy, helping you get away from the sink and on with your life.”

Dawn said that it has dedicated more than five years, and tested hundreds of designs, for the development of Dawn EZ-Squeeze.

According to the company’s consumer testing, the unique valve design of the new packaging has delivered a mess-free experience.

Also, the lack of a cap has enhanced the ease of use for people who couldn’t dispense the soap easily with one hand, using the existing bottle designs.

In addition to the bottle design, the formula of the product has also been updated to help dissolve both everyday grease and tough, cooked-on messes quickly and easily, said Dawn.

The company claims that the soap can easily remove 99% of grease and food residues and, with cleans the grease stains four times faster.

Dish at Procter & Gamble North America R&D senior engineer Corey Brugh said: “We noticed a gap in design innovation when it comes to dish soap bottles, and we were excited to act on it.

“We’re excited about the incredible response Dawn EZ-Squeeze has received already through our initial testing, and can’t wait for more people to try this groundbreaking and efficient way to wash dishes.”