Dark Horse Wine has launched sleek, portable and unbreakable cans just in time for summer.

Dark Horse

Image: Dark Horse Wine cans. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / Dark Horse Wine.

The company is taking its signature wine and packaging in cans that it claims are not only stylish, but also packable and chillable for all occasions.

The wine brand has introduced new cans with two of their varietals, including Rosé and Pinot Grigio.

Dark Horse said the cans are not only stylish but also packable and chillable for all occasions

The Dark Horse Pinot Grigio and Rosé, which are sourced from California, are packaged in bold and striking silver cans with advanced design.

Both wines are launched in a 375mL sized packages. The packable, portable and unbreakable cans contain half a bottle of wine, said Dark Horse.

As per the wine brand, Dark Horse Wine cans are the perfect beverage to take camping, to the beach, for picnics or back porches from sunup to sundown.

E. & J. Gallo Winery marketing vice president Stephanie Gallo said: “Dark Horse is known for being a leader with unexpected offerings that overdeliver on quality, and cans fit right into this philosophy.

“We’ve discovered that fans of Dark Horse are adventurous and are seeking new, enriched experiences in their lives.

“We are so pleased to offer them a chance to go to new places and discover new things while taking Dark Horse along their journey. Dark Horse cans offer quality and convenience in one, perfect package.”

Dark Horse is currently marketing the newly introduced cans at retailers across the US.

The wind brand also noted that the current Rosé offering is the number one selling Premium Rosé in the country, according to leading national retailer data.

Based in Modesto of California, Dark Horse mobilizes the advanced agricultural and winemaking resources from across the globe to produce better wines.