The UK-based packaging company has designed the new Stagione PE coated pots for people who do not require the reheating functionality of its PP coated Stagione


Colpac expands Stagione range. (Credit: Colpac Ltd)

Sustainable packaging company Colpac has expanded its recyclable Stagione range of food packaging solutions with the addition of PE coated pots and implemented ovenability into its PP-coated packaging.

UK-based Colpac has designed the new Stagione PE coated pots for people who do not require the reheating functionality of its PP coated Stagione.

The company’s methodical design process aims to make light products. This benefits Stagione PE covered pots, increasing their transport effectiveness.

Additionally, the lighter material enables Colpac to sell these products to customers for less money.

The Stagione PE coated pots come in 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml, suitable for instant serve, hot hold, chilled, and delivery food. The packaging’s PE coating offers a grease-resistant barrier to various dishes.

According to Colpac, its PP coated Stagione pots are an option for individuals who need a higher specification barrier for food that is oily and acidic.

These goods are very adaptable because they come with a variety of lids. This range is made even lighter by the single-skinned paperboard lid with PE lining. Additionally, the lid can be used for chilled, hot, and delivered food due to its self-venting tabs.

An anti-mist coating on the rPET lid provides clarity in chilly displays, the packaging company said. Both lids also fit all three sizes of PE coated Stagione to reduce SKU counts for retailers and distributors.

Colpac has increased the applications for its PP coated Stagione products based on the growing demands for food packaging functionality.

Furthermore, Stagione PP coated pots are now approved for microwave, oven, and hot hold cabinet reheating in addition to being good for display.

The range has been validated for oven specifications, and customers are required to test ovenability with food kinds. Customers can use the packaging firm’s expertise to facilitate the testing of their food’s composition.

Colpac aims to maintain quality in food-safe packaging and balances functionality with sustainability in product development. Its Stagione range is said to be recyclable as per the UK and European guidelines.