The new range of lids and bowls is said to be convenient and easy to reuse and are designed to satisfy the wide range of demands of the foodservice industry

Berry Global

Berry introduces Reusable Tableware Range. (Credit: Berry Global Inc.)

US-based plastic packaging products maker Berry Global has introduced its Reusable Tableware Range to offer sustainable packaging solutions to the foodservice industry.

The new range of lids and bowls is said to be convenient and easy to reuse. The company has designed the range to satisfy the wide range of demands of the foodservice sector.

According to the packaging firm, the transparent lids enable visually appealing food displays of every kind, including hearty meals, crisp salads, delectable nibbles, and sweet treats.

The availability of in-mould labelling allows both bowls and lids to be used for branding. The products can be decorated with the visual identity of different food providers.

Additionally, the interior stacking ribs and easy-to-handle shape of the bowls and lids facilitate efficient shipping, storage, and on-site operations.

This allows waiting staff to serve many servings at once, Berry Global said.

Furthermore, lids and bowls can be used interchangeably, and the lids also function as plates, providing the greatest amount of versatility.

Berry Superfos CPI Food Service VP Josef Björk said: “We are committed to helping our customers meet the growing sustainability demands of today and tomorrow by designing and developing innovative, reusable plastic products like this game-changing reusable tableware product family that helps accelerate the shift to a truly circular economy.

“Our new reusable tableware range will help minimise waste and reduce the use of virgin resources while offering functionality, durability, and legislative compliance.”

Made from premium polypropylene (PP), the bowls are simple to recycle and safe for food contact.

The plastic packaging products maker said that the bowls’ clean, smooth interior surface reduces the possibility of bacterial growth, while their matte exterior surface structure makes them scratch-resistant.

The tableware line is part of a take-back infrastructure initiative that enables customers to carry leftover food or takeout home, then return the bowl and lid to the point of sale so they can be cleaned and put back into use.

In addition, each bowl has space for a barcode, QR code, Digimarc, or RFID chip with a unique code to aid with inventory control and tracking of reuse cycles.