The new Eagle Armour suite of paper products have been designed to restrict the transmission of communicable diseases


American Eagle Paper Mills has introduced new antimicrobial paper line. (Credit: ulotkidruk from Pixabay)

American Eagle Paper Mills has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of the new paper with antimicrobial protection.

The company has designed the new Eagle Armour suite of paper products to reduce the transmission of communicable diseases.

The new line of paper products has been treated with Biomaster silver ion technology to offer antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the paper.

American Eagle Paper Mills president Scott Igoe said: “To address the need for cleaner surfaces, American Eagle Paper Mills is proud to have successfully manufactured a paper that incorporates an antimicrobial agent.

“What’s especially great about Eagle Armour® antimicrobial paper is that it inhibits the growth of bacteria without sacrificing paper performance or appearance.”

The new antimicrobial paper products are suitable for use in restaurant and foodservice facilities

The new line of antimicrobial paper products are suitable for use in different applications, including restaurant and foodservice facilities, hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, dental offices, long term care and assisted living facilities schools and offices.

According to the company, the Laboratory testing conducted by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) demonstrated no noticeable difference in print quality between the antimicrobial treated paper compared to the untreated control paper.

BiomasterUSA, a supplier of the EPA registered antimicrobial silver technology used in the Eagle Armour branded papers, claimed that the silver is an element found naturally in the environment and has been considered as an advanced antimicrobial agent.

The silver ions will be connected with the molecular processes within microorganisms to inhibit growth, loss of energy production and prevent DNA replication and new cell formation.

Igoe further added: “Additional testing performed at an independent microbiology laboratory on the antimicrobial treated paper demonstrated a 99.9% reduction in non-pathogenic bacteria,”

Based in Tyrone of Pennsylvania, American Eagle Paper Mills is engaged in the production of uncoated freesheet papers, including office, printing, and converting grades.

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