The new ARTIC SS C flow wrapper will help eliminate the usual lengthwise and crosswise seals provided by flow pack machines


Ulma has introduced new flow pack packaging machine for portions of cheese. (Credit: ULMA Packaging)

Packaging products and services provider Ulma Packaging has introduced a new ARTIC SS C flow wrapper to package portions of cheese in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Based on the ARTIC side seal (SS) machine, the new flow pack packaging machine enables to pack portions of cheese with side sealing and shrink wrap film.

Designed to provide airtight packaging, the new flow wrapper enables to pack the product without any seals on the cutting side.

Ulma’s new packaging machine enables the elimination of the usual lengthwise and crosswise seals provided by the flow pack machines and replaces them with seals in the same place as the cheese rind.

By using a lightweight shrink wrap film with 21μ thick, the new flow pack packaging machine ensures a smooth packaging process.

The machine will eliminate seals for the two upper and lower sides of the product, thereby enabling to use that space to include labels that cover perforations, easy-open labels and promotional labels.

The new packaging format helps to place easy-open labels in such a way that the packaging is torn open and has to pull on them for easy opening.

Ulma’s new wrapping machines hold the potential to collect the portions of cheese from the cutting line in a fully automatic way and then shift them to inside the film’s tube.

The company is providing the machines with a forming mould to adapt to the size of each portion. It also consists of a cross-sealing system with a long dwell sealing head.

In November last year, Ulma Packaging introduced a new automatic packaging line for bars and baked goods.