Stora Enso will explore reusing products as well as recycling used materials at the stadium


Stora Enso partners with Helsinki Olympic Stadium to promote circular economy solutions. (Credit: EKM-Mittelsachsen from Pixabay)

Pulp and paper products manufacturer Stora Enso has signed a partnership agreement with Finland’s Helsinki Olympic Stadium to promote circular economy at the stadium, as part of sustainability efforts.

As part of the agreement, Stora Enso will explore reusing products as well as recycling used materials to give second life for high-quality wood fibres in new products at the stadium.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of stadium operations, the partners aim to promote the use of sustainable customer and foodservice packaging.

Partners aim to ensure used packaging materials are recycled

Additionally, the partnership aims to ensure that the used packaging materials at the stadium are recycled.

Olympic Stadium marketing and communication director Marju Paju said: “The Olympic Stadium is an arena of sustainable development and the circular economy in the built environment as a whole.

“Environmental impact reduction by extending the building’s life cycle was one of the fundamental premises for the whole modernization and updating of Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

“In cooperation with Compass Group and Stora Enso, we will continue the sustainable development required for putting on environmentally conscious operations at the stadium.”

Stora Enso said that the partnership will leverage its renewable materials portfolio and expertise in eco-friendly and circular economy solutions.

Stora Enso Packaging Materials division executive vice-president Hannu Kasurinen said: “Renewable materials are key in the transition from a fossil-based world to a circular economy, and by cooperating with Helsinki Olympic Stadium we can demonstrate the benefits in practice.

“Consumers have the opportunity to enjoy low-carbon, circular economy operations and they can contribute to sustainability by ensuring they recycle materials.”

Last month, Stora Enso said it has provided the sustainable paperboard cups for Finnish food company Fazer’s oat snacks.