Developed in partnership with Tellus, the sugarcane-based fibre bowl will provide a sustainable alternative to more traditional rigid plastic packages


The Natrellis bowel will provide a sustainable alternative to more traditional rigid plastic packages. (Credit: Shutterbug75 from Pixabay)

Sonoco, a US-based provider of consumer packaging solutions, has introduced sugarcane-based fibre bowl designed for refrigerated, frozen and prepared foods.

The new 100% US sourced sugarcane-based fibre bowl, which is branded as Natrellis, has been developed in partnership with US-based Tellus, which is jointly owned by Florida Crystals and Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida.

The dual-ovenable, PFAS-free Natrellis is designed to provide a sustainable alternative to more traditional rigid plastic packages that are used by the majority of refrigerated and frozen food products.

Sonoco North America Rigid Paper and Closures division vice-president and general manager Ernest Haynes said: “This new sugarcane-based package is further evidence of our commitment to developing more sustainable options for brands and consumers alike.

“High quality refrigerated, and chilled foods continue to grow as a category. Using this novel technology allows us to produce a natural package made from an annually renewable resource, something that more and more shoppers and brands are looking for today. That’s a win, win for everyone.”

Primal Kitchen to launch the new frozen line in Natrellis packaging

Sonoco said that Natrellis is planned to be launched as the primary package for Primal Kitchen’s new line of frozen bowls and skillet meals, which are currently available at select retailers.

In April 2020, Primal Kitchen plans to launch the new line of frozen bowls and skillet meals in Natrellis packaging to HyVee, Publix, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods Market and more.

The Primal Kitchen’s new frozen line features meals made with grass-fed beef or cage-free chicken and a variety of vegetables.

Primal Kitchen founder Mark Sisson said: “PRIMAL KITCHEN products are unlike any others that you’ll find in the grocery store.

“Developing and offering frozen meals, is a natural extension of our brand promise and great solution for busy families and health-minded individuals alike. We’re proud to use the Natrellis bowl because it aligns perfectly with our mission and values.”

Recently, Sonoco’s Alloyd division has introduced an all-paper retail blister package designed to serves as an alternative to traditional thermoformed plastic blister package.