US-based SC Johnson is planning to introduce first concentrated refill for its Mr Muscle line of cleaning products in the UK market in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

Mr Muscle Bathroom

Image: SC Johnson's Mr Muscle line of cleaning products. Photo: courtesy of S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

Planned to be made available on Amazon from August 2019, the concentrated refills allow customers to reuse bottles instead of purchasing new ones.

The firm said that the consumers can simply combine regular tap water with the concentrate in a reusable SC Johnson trigger bottle. The bottle is designed to deliver more than 10,000 sprays and can be refilled a number of times.

In addition to extending the plastic’s lifespan further than a one-time-use product, the reusable bottle keeps additional plastic waste out of landfills, the firm said.

SC Johnson chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson said: “With a concentrate option, consumers can be confident they are making a better choice for the environment.

“By choosing to refill with a concentrate instead of buying a new plastic bottle, consumers can do their part to reduce the billions of pounds of plastic waste that are devastating our planet every year.”

The announcement follows recent regulation by the UK government to ban plastic straws, stirrers and cotton swabs.

The country also imposed a plastic tax on producers who fail to use enough recycled materials in packaging.

SC Johnson said in a statement: “The Mr Muscle launch in the U.K. builds upon SC Johnson’s recently announced global expansion of concentrate offerings, with the company also planning to introduce products in Mexico this July and China and Japan this September.”

SC Johnson is claimed to be the first major home cleaning brand to launch a 100% recycled ocean plastic bottle in February 2019.

The firm plans to make available Windex Vinegar Ocean Plastic product, which uses 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, at North American retailers such as Target and Walmart.

It plans to supply more than eight million units of new ocean plastic bottles to the retail stores this spring.

Additionally, the firm teamed up with Plastic Bank to provide critical infrastructure to areas known to be the biggest contributors to plastic in the ocean.

SC Johnson is engaged in manufacturing household cleaning and home storage products.