US-based SC Johnson is set to launch 100% recycled ocean plastic bottle as part of its efforts to reduce plastic pollution in oceans.


Image: SC Johnson is set to launch new Windex vinegar recycled ocean plastic bottle. Photo: courtesy of S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

SC Johnson will sell new Windex vinegar ocean plastic bottles at North American retailers such as Target and Walmart.

The company said it will supply more than eight million units of new ocean plastic bottle to the retails stores this spring.

SC Johnson chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson said: “With over 5 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean, conditions are continuing to get worse and worse.

“The Windex bottle is just one of the many ways we are not only providing solutions to combat ocean pollution but taking action to make these solutions a reality.”
The new product is claimed to be the world’s first glass cleaner bottle made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. It is also non-toxic and cruelty-free product.

The firm intends to launch a 100% Social Plastic Windex bottle with Plastic Bank by fall of this year.

The product has been made by using recycled ocean-bound social plastic sourced by Plastic Bank from Haiti the Philippines and Indonesia, which enables to protect the environment and provide social benefits to people living below the poverty level.

As part of the program, the company is presently involved in framing recycling programs, in a bid to eliminate ocean-bound plastic and address poverty.

Johnson has also exhibited Windex vinegar ocean plastic bottles at the GreenBiz 2019 conference in Phoenix, on 27 February.

Johnson further added: “This is a massive environmental issue, and it is going to take businesses, governments, NGOs and civil society working together to solve it.”

Windex original glass cleaner has been developed for streak-free shine in cleaning windows, mirrors, glass shower doors and glass top stoves.

The cleaner, which is formulated with Ammonia-D, starts working on fingerprints, dirt and other messes even before wiping.

SC Johnson produces household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, pest control and shoe care, as well as professional products.