Quorn intends to implement carbon footprint data on the packaging of its 30 best-selling products, including its crispy nuggets and sausages


Meat substitute company Quorn was first founded in 1985 by Marlow Foods (Credit: Quorn)

Meat alternative Quorn will include carbon footprint labels on its packaging to inform people of the environmental impact of the food they buy.

The data, which will be provided for the company’s top 30 products, will initially be available on its website, before making its way onto packaging later in the year.

It’s part of a new campaign by the firm to encourage consumers to make more climate-focused food choices.

UK marketing director Alex Glenn said: “Quorn is proven to provide significant health and environmental benefits and today we’re delighted we can offer carbon footprint data to our customers, who we know are actively trying to find ways to reduce their impact on the planet.

“This is about giving people the information needed to make informed decisions about the food they eat and the effect it has on our planet’s climate — in the same way that nutrition information is clearly labelled to help inform decisions on health — and we’re asking other brands to get on board with us.”


Quorn’s on-package carbon footprint labels are part of its work with the Carbon Trust

Quorn’s carbon footprint labels will make up part of its work with the Carbon Trust.

The partnership began in 2012, as a way for the business to independently certify the carbon footprint of its products.

During this time, the firm also wanted to understand how the environmental impact of its produce compared with equivalent animal-based foods.

Quorn packaging
The carbon footprint labels have been implemented to inform consumers of the environmental impact of a food product (Credit: Quorn)

This research was the basis of Quorn’s claim that its beef-alternative products have a carbon footprint up to 13 times lower than beef.

Talking about its partnership with the Carbon Trust, the Quorn’s sustainability manager Louise Needham said: “Over the past few years consumer demand for meat alternatives has grown by numbers that we could not have anticipated.

“We are incredibly proud that, as we have scaled-up our operations and increased sales of our products, we have continued to make real reductions in our environmental impact.

“The Carbon Trust has been a key partner in our journey to achieving these reductions, and the footprint label helps us to transparently, and confidently communicate sustainability initiatives to our partners and customers.”

The Carbon Trust’s involvement in this latest initiative will be to certify Quorn’s carbon footprint data and help to communicate information to consumers.

The organisation’s managing director, Hugh Jones, said: “It’s really important that consumers have robust information to help inform their purchases and we’re pleased to be able to work with Quorn on this.”