Flexible packaging manufacturer ProAmpac is showcasing latest pet food packaging solutions at this year’s Petfood Forum event in the Kansas City, US.

Proampca Pet

Image: ProAmpac pet food packaging portfolio. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

The event is being held between 23 April and 25 April at the Kansas City Convention Center.

At the event, the company is exhibiting Pro-Dura Classic polypropylene bags for dry food and Produra Premium bags that are similar to laminate bags, as well as Pro Dura Mini woven bag for smaller portions and portability.

The company will also exhibit Quadflex premium pet food solution for dry food, treats and other products.

Quadflex, which features seals on four sides, has options for a flat bottom, pinch bottom and fold-over bottom.

Available in soft matte, matte and gloss finishes, the pet food solution is provided with easy-open and re-close options

The company is also showcasing Pro-Pouch for wet or dry food applications. The flat or stand-up pouches are available in multiple customization options, including pre-made or form, fill and seal, easy-open or linear tear.

In addition, the firm is exhibiting Pro-Pouch product made of recyclable HDPE. It is available with three side seal options, as well as flat or stand-up with bottom gusset and reclose zipper options.

ProAmpac chief commercial officer Adam Grose said: “Pet Food is itself a growing and dynamic industry. It has been exhibiting strong rates of growth, attracting significant new investment, and meeting the demands of new, more engaged and demanding consumers who increasingly relate to their pets as members of the family.”

“We are driving collaboration internally, by drawing on our product development teams, our corporate innovation team and our technical service engineers, and externally by partnering our development people with their counterparts in customer organizations.”

ProAmpac offers packaging solutions for various products, including beverage, dairy, fresh, frozen, snacks, soups, sauces and condiments, as well as sugar and sweeteners.