Poland’s mineral water bottler Nałęczów Zdrój has integrated its two newly installed KHS Blowmax Series IV blowmolding line with Agr International’s Process Pilot automated process control system.

The company has installed the blowmolding line to produce new wasp-waist designed 1.5liter PET bottle for the Cisowianka branded mineral water bottle.

To produce special shape of the new Cisowianka bottle, the firm has incorporated the KHS blowmolding line with Agr’s Process Pilot system.

Agr’s automated process control system features three components such as Pilot Profiler for PET material distribution measurement and Pilot Vision for visual defect detection.

The third component is Process Pilot closed-loop control software that serves a link between the bottle measurements and blowmolding machine controls.

With the support of an array of sensors, the Pilot Profiler will measure the material distribution on every bottle.

The Pilot controls automatically adjust the blowmolder to adapt to the specified recipe, enabling proper material distribution at all points along the bottle sidewall.

Process Pilot’s automatic thickness monitoring capability help in avoiding manually taking cross-section measurements.

Pilot system’s cameras will help check the sealing surface of every pre-form and reject the products with scratches or damage.

The defect detection capability will also help to reduce the risk of product leakage.

With its ability of detecting defecting area of mold cavity, the system helps plant personnel to quickly solve the issue and start production with minimal downtime.

According to Germany based filling and packaging systems supplier KHS, its InnoPET Blomax Series IV comes with space-saving design, compact blow station layout which can be used for producing high-stability, low-weight PET bottles.

It features a servo stretching system and an optimized base station for up to 2,250 bottles per hour and station. As the heater module / linear oven is directly connected to the modular machine platform, the Blomax Series IV claimed to be used with different type of transfer and blow molding equipment.

Agr offers quality assurance and process automation equipment to the global packaging markets.

Image: The Process Pilot system’s cameras inspect the sealing surface of every preform and rejects products with scratches or damage. Photo: courtesy of Agr International.