Pixelle’s new Aspect 2.1mil release liner paper will support both film and paper label facestocks for high speed automated labelling applications


Pixelle has introduced new Aspect lightweight 2.1mil release liner paper (Credit: TeroVesalainen from Pixabay)

Pixelle Specialty Solutions has expanded its Aspect release liner paper portfolio with the introduction of a new Aspect lightweight 2.1mil release liner paper.

The Aspect 2.1mil release liner paper has been developed to support both film and paper label facestocks for high speed automated labelling applications.

Pixelle has developed the Aspect 2.1mil lightweight roll release liner for North American and international pressure-sensitive converters.

Pixelle uses A4 paper machine to manufacture Aspect release liners

The company has used A4 paper machine to produce Aspect release liners. It is one of three machines at the Pixelle Androscoggin Mill in Jay of Maine.

The advanced machine enables the company to produce a range of release liners and label facestocks. It helps the company to meet the unique requirements of the pressure-sensitive industry.

Pixelle’s Jay location is a fully integrated pulp and paper manufacturing facility.

The company’s other release liner portfolio includes Exhere, PointSil and GlazeSil families of clay-coated kraft, densified, poly-coated, supercalendered and hygiene kraft release liner papers.

Pixelle provides different release liner papers with calipers ranging from 1.7mil to 10mil. All release liner papers are produced in the US.

Specialty Papers Sales vice president Bob van Helden said: “Based on growing industry demand for sustainable release liner base paper options, we developed our new Aspect 2.1mil with performance to meet the highest standards of pressure-sensitive converters.

“With this new offering, Pixelle brings together the right balance of sustainability, consistency, functionality and efficiency in demanding environments, including industry-leading customer service and technical expertise that are second to none.”

Recently, Verso completed the sale of its two speciality papers mills in the US to Pixelle Specialty Solutions.

The Verso’s assets purchased by Pixelle include Androscoggin mill in Jay, Maine and Stevens Point mill in Wisconsin.

Based in Spring Grove of Pennsylvania, Pixelle is a North American paper manufacturer that develops custom paper solutions for its customers.