The paper, dubbed Hydroblox, is designed to provide superior barrier protection for products that has potential exposure to water or condensation and offers 200% greater water resistance than a standard 24-pound white wove paper

JBM Packaging

A product image of Hydroblox packaging paper. (Credit: Business Wire)

US-based flexible packaging solutions provider JBM Packaging has rolled out a water-resistant, uncoated recyclable packaging paper, Hydroblox, for use with food products.

Hydroblox is designed to provide superior barrier protection for products that have potential exposure to water or condensation.

It is also said to have 200% greater water resistance than a standard 24-pound white woven paper.

JBM Packaging sales director Jessica Black said: “America Recycles Day encourages Americans to be more mindful of what they consume and to pledge to recycle more and recycle correctly in their everyday lives.

“Hydroblox helps them do this. With recycling certification from Western Michigan University, it equips brands with a plastic-free option when it comes to water-resistant packaging.”

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Hydroblox for use with food products.

The paper can be used for perishable foods like chocolate and baked goods and can also be utilised for a variety of applications that require water resistance.

This comprises personal hygiene products, art materials, outdoor and camping equipment, cosmetics, and pet supplies, JBM said. Additionally, it can be used to protect documents, like parking tickets.

Hydroblox packaging is available in different sizes, perforations, adhesives, hanging holes, and windows can be entirely customised by JBM.

Furthermore, it makes printing vibrant colours, graphics, and text possible, guaranteeing that products stand out on store shelves and provide a satisfying unboxing experience for online shoppers.

Black added: “Hydroblox is an example of how JBM continuously innovates to balance rigorous performance specifications with sustainability requirements.

“We want to give our customers quality alternatives as they look to replace their plastic packaging.”

The packaging paper was developed as a reusable paper cup for refreshments, exercise facilities, and water coolers.

JBM then extended the application to other sectors of the economy as its clients wanted to replace non-recyclable packaging with recyclable paper alternatives.

In January this year, the packaging solutions provider launched its new plastic-free, windowed paper package line, EcoView.