The FIZZICS brand is the first coffee-based beverage to be available in the Chill-Can


FIZZICS coffee-based beverage in Joseph Company’s Chill-Can. (Credit: Chill-Can)

FIZZICS, the carbonated coffee brand, has been launched in The Joseph Company International’s self-chilling beverage can, known as Chill-Can.

Joseph has developed the patented Chill-Can and the MicroCool technology, which uses a built-in heat exchange unit in concert with reclaimed CO2 to create its chilling technology.

The CO2, which is recaptured from the atmosphere, is used by the process. It will also be reused as part of the process.

According to the company, the 100% recyclable Chill-Can does not introduce any new CO2 to the atmosphere.

The FIZZICS brand, which was launched in 2018, is said to be the first coffee-based beverage to be featured in the Chill-Can.

FIZZICS has expanded its product line from the original flavoured carbonated coffee and included coffee mixed with cola, and coffee mixed with distilled spirits.

The Joseph Company International chairman and CEO Mitchell Joseph said: “The coffee category continues to grow around the world and the need to develop off-premise solutions for our clients has never been greater given the unprecedented loss of on-premise sales as a result of the pandemic.

“Our organisation has received a record amount of inquiries regarding our Chill-Can technology and marrying it with the FIZZICS brand for the international market is a perfect fit.

“We are seeing more and more that consumer habits are forever changing and the Chill-Can is the right package and technology to meet the changing landscape of our industry.”