Curation Foods launches two new products with advanced packaging


Curation Foods provides plant-based foods with 100% clean ingredients (Credit Pixabay)

Natural foods company Curation Foods has introduced two new products with advanced packaging for its Yucatan and BreatheWay brands.

The Yucatan Guacamole Squeeze is available in a flexible squeeze pouch, which will help extend shelf-life for reduced waste.

Curation Foods has also expanded the use of BreatheWay membrane technology to serve as a full supply chain packaging solution for perishable products, in addition to maintaining an optimal atmosphere for individually packaged produce.

Innovative packaging preserves taste

The innovative packaging of new Yucatan Guacamole Squeeze helps the product preserve its homemade taste. It can be used for any occasion, including healthy snacking, special meals and events.

Made with 100% Hass Avocados, the advanced design protect freshness and improves delivery of the product. This achieved with an innovative cap and nozzle, helping to extend shelf-life to ten days after opening.

The company’s patented BreatheWay packaging technology helps to keep packaged fruits and vegetables fresh for longer by protecting against the likes of varying temperatures.

At present, Driscoll’s uses BreatheWay’s new supply chain packaging solution for its raspberries delivered from Californian distribution centres.

Curation is also evaluating multiple BreatheWay applications of packaging solutions for  perishable categories such as stone fruit, citrus and flowers for US and international shipments.

Curation Foods CEO Dr Albert Bolles said: “The foundation of our company is driven by innovation with our consumers and customers in mind.

“And often the biggest ideas and impact are achieved by making incremental, smart innovations to existing products. By evolving our Yucatan and BreatheWay brands in these ways, we’re expanding their abilities to address unmet needs.”

Curation Foods, one of two operating businesses of Landec, provides plant-based foods with 100% clean ingredients.

The company’s natural food brands include Eat Smart fresh packaged vegetables and salads, O Olive Oil & Vinegar premium artisan products, and Yucatan and Cabo Fresh avocado foods.