Braskem’s new hub will support export shipments of up to 204 kilo tonnes of polypropylene and specialty polymers annually


Braskem’s new hub will support export shipments of polypropylene and specialty polymers. (Credit: pasja1000 from Pixabay)

Braskem America, a polyolefins and biopolymers producer, has announced plans to build new Global Export Hub in Charleston, South Carolina in the US, to serve its international customers.

The design and development phase is currently underway for the new Global Export Hub facility, which will provide packaging, warehousing and export shipping services to support the firm’s polypropylene (PP) production facilities in the US.

Braskem’s new hub to be completed by third quarter of 2020

Scheduled for completion by the third quarter of 2020, the Braskem’s new hub will have a capacity to support export shipments of up to 204 kilo tonnes of polypropylene and specialty polymers annually to its customers across the globe.

Braskem America CEO Mark Nikolich said: “The build out of our new Global Export Hub in South Carolina allows us to leverage our feedstock advantaged, polymer production assets in the U.S Gulf Goast, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, to best meet our international clients needs.

“With excellent access to national rail and highway networks this important new logistics and distribution facility in the South Carolina port region significantly enhances Braskem America’s international export capability.”

Braskem expects the new South Carolina facility to complement its existing network of Global Export Hubs including facilities in North America, South America and Europe.

South Carolina Ports Authority president and CEO Jim Newsome said: “Braskem selected the Port of Charleston as their East Coast load port due to our market’s unfettered resin export capacity, knowledge of the petrochemical industry and efficiently run port terminals.”

Frontier Logistics will build the new Global Export Hub. It will also lease and provide services to Braskem under a five-year agreement.

Braskem is also nearing completion of new polypropylene production line in La Porte, Texas, with commissioning scheduled in the third quarter of 2020.

Last year, Braskem has launched new sustainable stretch film solution to boost the Circular Economy in the commercial freight industry.