Highlighted in the sustainability report published by Amcor includes the fact that $7.71bn of the revenue it generates from its products are recyclable


Amcor was founded in Australia in 1860 (Credit: Amcor)

An increase in recyclable packaging and a greater use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials are among the improvements highlighted in a new sustainability report published by Amcor.

The packaging giant’s report also reveals it has delivered against its key target areas, re-establishing the central role that sustainability plays in its business.

Alongside this, it details efforts the firm has taken across its rigid, flexibles and specialty carton divisions.

Amcor’s vice president for sustainability David Clark said: “At Amcor, we believe that winning for the environment means that we are winning as a business.

“As a market leader, we’re committed to using our innovation capabilities to ensure that all of our products are recyclable or reusable by 2025 – but we know that this is only one stage of the cycle.

“A sustainable, responsible approach to packaging requires more than just recyclable products, it also needs infrastructure development and customer action.

“This year’s sustainability report outlines our continued work to achieve more sustainable outcomes and to use our unique position to accelerate more sustainable solutions.”


$7.71bn of the revenue generated by Amcor is recyclable

The progress highlighted in Amcor’s sustainability report includes the fact that $7.71bn of its revenue is now generated from products that have been designed to be recyclable.

Alongside this, the company has increased its use of post-consumer recycled resin – which reached more than 83,000 tonnes this year.

As a result of this higher utilisation of PCRs, it has reduced the amount of Co2 emissions it generated by more than 100,000 tonnes, as recycled resin has a lower carbon footprint than virgin material.

In addition, its continued efforts to run its operations efficiently and in line with the highest environmental standards has seen the company reduce waste disposal from its operations by more than 3,200 tonnes this year.

Amcor’s partnerships activity has also increased as the firm joined the World Wide Fund for NatureReSource: Plastic initiative – a global consortium of companies and organisations collaborating to keep waste out of the environment.