South African company, Cape Foods, is giving the world's oldest seasoning a modern upgrade with their line of natural, Himalayan sea salts and seasonings in sleek, utilitarian package. Based in Cape Town, South Africa's Mother City, Cape Foods has created a niche in the seasoning market, by prioritizing visual appeal as much as product quality.

I Love Himalayan Salt Glass Grinder from South Africa

Image: I Love Himalayan Salt Glass Grinder from South Africa. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / Cape Foods.

CEO, Gerhard Martin explains, “Herbs and spices already makeup a portion of the average person’s grocery budget, so we’d like to bring them a beautiful, functional product they can feel good about displaying on their countertop.”

Cape Foods is ready to hit retail shelves in the United States, bringing with them an impressive background of winning industry-specific awards; including the Gold Packaging Award, and a big win in the SIAL Trade Show’s “Trends and Innovations” category.

“We’re a versatile company,” says Martin, “besides our line of existing seasonings – from popcorn seasoning to baking aids – we also offer customizable options for both blends and shakers.” The most unique aspect of Cape Foods’ varied product base, is their customer-centric flexibility, both in the realm of wholesale, with tailored seasoning combinations, and grinder options – but also in their attractive, shelf-ready packaging.

Though it’s the packaging that sets them apart, Cape Foods’ focus on high food standards is the defining factor in their success. With a big emphasis on taste performance, their “I Love” line is a top seller. Either with individual “I Love” seasonings, such as “I Love Sea Salt” or “I Love Pepper,” or in their “4-in-1” specialized four-chamber shakers, blended thematically to bring professional flavor to home kitchens, including flavors such as, “I love Pasta” and “I Love BBQ.

Another major component of Cape Foods’ debut in U.S. retailers, is their selection of luxury baking aids, including irresistible sprinkles, and decorative cake toppers. Like their baking products, Cape Foods’ also considers their line of popcorn seasonings, I Love Popcorn, to be in the category of high-end edible accoutrements. Their I Love Popcorn range brings a variety of unique flavor found nowhere else on the market, such “Cheese and Chives,” or the more classic, “Cheddar Cheese” variety.

The United States retail market is the next natural step for a company with Cape Foods’ diversity and expertise. The “I Love” product line is already receiving industry praise for its overall quality and appealing design. “It’s a beautiful product,” says Martin, concerning “I Love’s promising U.S. launch, “and we can’t wait to get it on shelves, in front of buyers.” Cape Foods’ full line of seasoning products will be available in the United States as soon as 2019.

Source: Company Press Release