Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia develops and distributes a range of beer brands to customers in more than 12 countries


Indonesian brewery Bali Hai has commissioned Sidel’s complete can line for greater capacity. (Credit: Sidel)

Independent brewery Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia has commissioned a new canning line from Sidel to boost production capacity to meet the growing demand for beer while preserving beer quality.

The new line, which is designed and supplied by Sidel, can run at up to 33,000 cans per hour for the 330ml format.

The compact layout of the canning line helps the Indonesian brewer in overcoming space constraints, Sidel said.

Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia offers a range of beer brands to customers in more than 20 countries, including Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea and New Zealand as well as different regions of Africa.

Bali Hai technical director Daniel To said: “While capturing the opportunities offered by a consumer demand that is continuously increasing, we are committed to maintaining the consistent taste and quality of our beers.”

Bali Hai has decided to upgrade its canning line as part of its major renovation and automation of their brewhouse and cellar area announced in 2013.

Bali Hai selected Sidel’s canning line to manage 330ml and 500ml formats

As part of the canning line upgrade plan, the firm intends to manage 330ml and 500ml formats to meet their needs for higher efficiency.

Daniel To added: “Despite the fact that we were initially planning a line delivering 24,000 cans per hour (cph) for the 500 ml format, we eventually trusted Sidel’s engineers and went for a complete line that is able to reach up to 29,000 cph, thus securing high capacity production for the coming years.”

The Sidel’s complete canning line includes 13 different machines laid out in six larger production modules which include the de-palletiser, the filler and seamer, the pasteuriser, the dryers, the shrink-wrapper and the tray shrink-wrapper, plus conveying systems.

To maintain beer quality, the canning line integrates two specific solutions, the Sidel volumetric electronic filler for cans and the PAMA pasteuriser, Sidel further said.

Bali Hai packaging manager Blegog Sugiono said: “We opted for this Sidel filling technology largely because of the very low total oxygen pick-up it ensures, which ultimately leads to high product quality. Plus, we now use a volumetric technology, so as to guarantee that our cans all have the intended quantity of product when reaching the shelf.”

Sidel said that the new canning line runs twice as fast as the brewer’s old line. The new line allows Bali Hai to produce two different can formats (330ml and 500ml), nine different recipes and various secondary packaging options.

Sugiono added: “With the new line, we have a sophisticated tray and film solution that we can apply to produce various packing alternatives; for example, four- or six-packs wrapped on one tray containing a total of 24 cans, run on one solution. If multipacks are not requested, products can bypass the tray and film packer directly to the shrink-wrapping system.”

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