The Uno sport closure, which is suitable for dry aseptic filling, is approved for use with Claranor FULLCAP sterilisation with pulsed light


Aptar Food + Beverage has selected Claranor’s pulsed light sterilisation for sport closures. (Credit: AptarGroup, Inc)

Aptar Food + Beverage, a business unit of AptarGroup, has entered into a technical collaboration with Claranor on pulsed light sterilisation for sport closures.

The deal allows using FULLCAP sterilisation solution with the Uno sport cap family, which are produced using polypropylene (PP) material.

Uno sport cap family have been specifically developed for use with functional beverages, which consists of vitamins and minerals.

According to Aptar Food + Beverage, functional beverages capped with the most advanced sport closures need a specific sterilisation process that Claranor provides.

Claranor’s FULLCAP pulsed light sterilisation solution passes through the closure, thereby enabling to stretilise under the cap.

With 600mm high, Claranor’s compact equipment offers an instant treatment and suitable for use on speed lines up to 60,000 bph with no chemical nor residue.

The solution helps in offering better inner and outer decontamination when applied to Aptar’s Uno PP sport closure family in the translucent material version.

Claranor’s FULLCAP pulsed light sterilisation solution can be used with high acid aseptic lines.

The solution’s non-chemical and non-thermal treatment allows protecting the packaging and the product inside.

Aptar Uno sport cap, which is a one-piece design, is produced using mono-material for enhanced recyclability.

The cap includes an active hinge that provides a comfortable one-hand opening and closing, as well as features the 28mm version that is tethered to the bottle to boost the recyclability rates of the closures.

Suitable for dry aseptic filling, the Uno sport closure is approved by Claranor FULLCAP sterilisation with pulsed light.

Aptar is offering the closure in 1881, 38mm 2S and 3S neck finishes, and its ability to be cleaned with pulsed light was directed by the continuous growth of aseptically processed, shelf-stable beverages such as preservative-free functional drinks.

Recently, Oshee has selected Uno 38mm 3S for its new functional drink called RL-9 Junior, which is available in the Polish market.