Xiaoyangren has introduced a new sports drink that features modern sports closure from Aptar

Sport drink

Aptar has provided sports closure for Xiaoyangren’s sports drink. (Credit: AptarGroup)

Aptar, a provider of dispensing, sealing and active packaging solutions, has provided its sports closure for Xiaoyangren’s new Cool Sports drink.

Xiaoyangren, a provider of milk drinks, has introduced a new sports drink targeting the Generation Z consumer group.

Xiaoyangren’s modern-shape bottle is provided with Aptar’s sports closure, which features a novel design that will help grab the attention of the consumers.

The sports closure from Aptar features dual wings on the top

The sports closure features dual wings on the top, which symbolises vitality and energy. The clam-shell cap can be flipped open with one hand, helping to easily handle when playing sports and drink on-the-go.

Aptar’s flow control silicon valve, dubbed Simplisqueeze, is smartly designed into the spout for avoiding leaking even if the closure is open.

Recently, Aptar Food + Beverage, a provider of dispensing solutions, has introduced a new SimpliCycle recyclable valve technology.

Made from a low-density thermoplastic elastomer material, the SimpliCycle valve can be separated from the PET stream easily. It can also be recycled within the PP/PE olefin stream.

Aptar offers a range of dispensing, sealing and active packaging solutions for the beauty, personal care, home care, prescription drug, consumer health care, injectables, food and beverage markets.

Based in Crystal Lake of Illinois, Aptar employs more than 14,000 employees in 18 different countries across the globe.