Aptar Closures’ SimpliCycle flow control valves significantly raise sustainability profiles while offering precise, hygienic dispensing


SimpliCycle provides ease and function by streamlining mechanical recycling. (Credit: AptarGroup, Inc.)

As the industry leader in flow control dispensing solutions for over 25 years, Aptar Closures is pleased to offer a line of fully recyclable flow control dispensing solutions suitable for a wide range of products, most notably food and beverage applications such as condiments and sauces. The company’s SimpliCycle™ valve is designed for brand owners seeking to enhance packaging sustainability without sacrificing precise, hygienic product dispensing and consistent consumer satisfaction.

True to its name, SimpliCycle provides ease and function by streamlining mechanical recycling. Comprised of low-density thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the valves float during the recycling

sorting process, separating them from the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) stream; from there, they are recycled in the polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) stream. When assembled into a compatible Aptar closure, SimpliCycle creates a fully recyclable solution for use with PET, PE or PP containers.

Most importantly, SimpliCycle offers exemplary product performance, with its exacting clean-cut dispensing that meets or exceeds that of valves composed of conventional, less recyclable resins. Available in multiple sizes and configurations, SimpliCycle can be paired with both rigid and flexible containers for products with a wide range of viscosities, from honey to water. Notably, this includes fat- and acid-based products such as mayonnaise and ketchup.

SimpliCycle yields exemplary flow control and consistent flow rate, ensuring users get precise amounts of product when and where they please. Clean product cut off avoids drips, leaks or spills during product use, and inverted storage compatibility helps consumers use the entirety of each package’s contents.

SimpliCycle has received Critical Guidance Recognition from the US-based Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), as well as RecyClass in Europe. Other distinctions include a World Food Innovation Award for “Best Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Initiative”, and a coveted WorldStar Global Packaging award.

“As the emphasis on sustainability increases across the globe, many brands have faced the challenge of providing more recyclable packaging solutions without compromising performance, convenience and product safety,” said Raphael Grange, President Global Marketing Development at Aptar Closures. “At Aptar Closures, we leverage multiple decades of consumer and market expertise to continuously help brands innovate, meet new market demands, and achieve bold environmental goals by becoming even more sustainable – all with packaging solutions that do not sacrifice the consumer experience.”

Source: Company Press Release