The SimpliCycle valve is made from a low-density thermoplastic elastomer material and can be recycled within the PP/PE olefin stream


The Aptar’s new recyclable valve technology. (Credit: AptarGroup, Inc.)

Aptar Food + Beverage, a provider of dispensing solutions, has introduced a new SimpliCycle recyclable valve technology.

Made from a low-density thermoplastic elastomer material, the SimpliCycle valve can be separated from the PET stream easily. It can also be recycled within the PP/PE olefin stream.

The SimpliCycle valve has been designed to offer recyclability while retaining all of the similar advantages of Aptar’s standard and Swimming Silicone valves, including repeatable performance and slit versatility for various food, beverage, and other product applications.

Aptar Food + Beverage product marketing director Susan DeGroot said: “Aptar is committed to providing recyclable flow control solutions to meet not only our corporate sustainability commitments but also our customers’ sustainability goals.

“The real break-through is offering a recyclable valve solution that does not sacrifice performance.

“Our SimpliCycle TPE valve will continue to provide consistent, quality performance for consumers, who expect a high level of cleanliness, control, and convenience throughout their dispensing experience.”

SimpliCycle TPE valve offers maximum flow control

In addition to providing maximum flow control with clean dispensing, the new valve dispensing solution avoids drips, leaks, or spills, while ensuring consumers get precise amounts of product.

Earlier this month, Aptar Food + Beverage announced the launch of a new SEAWELL protective packaging system designed to maintain seafood quality and freshness.

The new protective packaging system has been launched with a major national retailer in over 3,800 store locations.

The packaging system features integrated technology, which absorbs excess liquids to avoid accumulation around the seafood, helping to eliminate product breakdown and extend shelf life.