The acquired business will enable ALTANA to strengthen its range of PVC-free solutions for the packaging industry


ALTANA has acquired Henkel’s closure materials business. (Credit: ALTANA)

Speciality chemical products provider ALTANA has acquired closure materials business from Henkel for an undisclosed sum.

The acquired business will allow ALTANA to strengthen its range of PVC-free solutions for the packaging industry.

Henkel acquired brands such as CELOX and SINCERA. The closure materials will help prevent oxygen ingress after beer bottles have been filled, while mineral water closures are more tight and easy to open.

ALTANA will include the acquired business in its ACTEGA division. It will be globally assigned to the metal packaging solutions business line, said the company.

ALTANA’s ACTEGA division head Thorsten Kröller said: “The transaction is an ideal addition to our existing product portfolio. With it, we will be able to supply our longstanding and new customers with innovative solutions even better and more flexibly in the future.”

Under the deal, ALTANA will acquire technologies and customer relationships associated with the closure materials business.

Sealing compounds are suitable for use in a range of packaging applications such as for food and beverages.

The compounds will help protect the contents from external influences and extend the shelf life of products.

ALTANA stated that ACTEGA already marketed a series of sustainable sealing compounds and researchers in Bremen developed PROVALIN PVC-free solution for metal vacuum closures.

ALTANA CEO Martin Babilas said: “With the acquisition of Henkel’s closure materials business, we are continuing to systematically implement our acquisition strategy and our focus on innovative speciality chemicals.”