The two firms will jointly work on project to develop a process to purify Agilyx Styrene Oil to high purity styrene


Agilyx has collaborated with TechnipFMC. (Credit: Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay)

Recycling company Agilyx has collaborated with oil and gas company TechnipFMC to enable new pathways for post-use polystyrene to expand their energy transition and circular economy offerings.

Polystyrene is a versatile plastic that is commonly used in consumer product applications and for commercial packaging. It can also be used in a solid form or foamed.

The collaboration, which follows more than one year of evaluation, allows the two firms to jointly develop a process to purify Agilyx Styrene Oil to high purity styrene.

Partners to enable production path for styrene via post-use polystyrene products

The partners will leverage their respective expertise to enable the new production path for styrene through the post-use polystyrdene products.

Agilyx CEO Joe Vaillancourt: “We view this collaboration as an important step to meet the increasing demand for recycled content in plastic products.

“Demand for recycled content is increasing globally driven by legislation as well as sustainability goals by major brand owners. We are excited to work with TechnipFMC, a company focused on advancing sustainable technologies and increasing plastic recovery.”

Using Agilyx’s existing depolymerization technology, the developed purification process will accelerate the presence of recycled styrene and recycled polystyrene in the market.

The recycled styrene, which is manufactured from post-use polystyrene, is expected to retain all of the properties and functionality of traditionally manufactured styrene, Agilyx said.

TechnipFMC process technology president Stan Knez said: “This collaboration with Agilyx fully aligns with a strategic objective of TechnipFMC and it’s Technip Energies segment to bring sustainable process technologies to the market place by developing circular economy technology for a major plastic used widely throughout the world.”

Recently, Dolco Packaging, a manufacturer of polystyrene foam egg cartons and a unit of Tekni-Plex, and Agilyx have teamed up to trial polystyrene plastic collection programme in the US.