Dolco collection programme will serve as a model for more collection programmes across Pacific Northwest


Dolco Packaging has announced recycling collaboration with Agilyx. (Credit: Tekni-Plex)

Dolco Packaging, a manufacturer of polystyrene foam egg cartons and a unit of Tekni-Plex, and recycling company Agilyx have collaborated to trial polystyrene plastic collection programme in the US.

Under the pilot programme, Dolco will accept polystyrene foam (EPS), extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) packaging and rigid polystyrene at its Wenatchee facility in Washington.

The collected EPS, XPS and rigid polystyrene will be delivered to Regenyx, the advanced recycling facility in Tigard, Oregon. Regenyx is a joint venture between Agilyx and AmSty.

At the Regenyx, plastic waste is recycled back to new material using Agilyx’s technology.

Agilyx CEO Joe Vaillancourt said: “We are very excited to be working with Dolco to create new circular pathways for post-use polystyrene.

“It is our mission to increase plastic recovery globally through new plastic collection programmes with companies that see the value. Dolco has proven to be a true leader in post-use plastic stewardship.”

Dolco collection programme aims to expand recycling of polystyrene

Agilyx said that the Dolco collection programme, which aims to expand recycling of polystyrene, will serve as a model for more collection programmes across Pacific Northwest.

Dolco senior vice-president and general manager Jay Arnold said: “As a leading manufacturing of polystyrene egg cartons and food trays, our Wenatchee, Washington, facility already recycles approximately four million pounds annually of our own post-industrial scrap and puts it back into our manufacturing process.

“Now, we are taking our efforts a step further by taking what we have collected from the community, as well as some of our industrial scrap, and giving it to Agilyx who will use its proprietary technology to recycle it into next-generation polystyrene.”

When compared to virgin plastics, the recycled materials produced at Regenyx have up to 70% reduced carbon footprint, Agilyx said.

In May this year, Agilyx and US-based regional government group Oregon Metro joined forces to launch a polystyrene foam collection programme.