The new Valmet IQ Web Inspection System will be installed on ITC’s BM7 packaging board machine


The Valmet IQ Web Inspection System features multi-geometry technology. (Credit: Valmet)

India’s ITC Paper Boards and Specialty Paper Division has selected Finnish firm Valmet to supply a new-generation machine vision system.

Valmet wil deliver new Valmet IQ Web Inspection System (WIS) for installation on ITC’s packaging board machine, BM7.

The new machine, which will replace the existing WIS system, will allow the mill operators to focus on the specific quality problems and improve paper quality.

ITC Paper Boards And Specialty Paper Division CEO Sanjay Singh said: “Our BM7 already has Valmet quality control solutions, and we are happy to work together with Valmet on progressive improvements too, such as the upcoming runnability improvement.

“Based on the proven results and trust, we decided to select Valmet again,” continues Vadiraj Kulkarni, COO, ITC Paper Boards and Specialty Paper Division.

New machine to be commissioned in third and fourth quarter of 2020

Valmet plans to commission the new machine, which uses multi-geometry technology, in the third and fourth quarter of 2020.

Valmet India automation sales & services head Pravin Tripathi said: “The customer was seeking for the latest inspection technology to improve the product quality.

“Our new WIS features matched their requirement of the limited installation space and advanced line scan technology of detecting faint blade lines and calendar marks.

“In addition, we did the test for its blade line samples, and as the results were good, the customer was even more confident about our solution.”

Under the contract, Valmet will be responsible for the supply of two camera beams and two LED light beams for transmission, top high angle reflection with side light and bottom high angle reflection.

ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division currently operates 11 machines at three locations with combined production capacity of over 800,000 TPA.

In April 2020, Valmet was selected to supply profilers to Century Pulp and Paper (CPP) in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.