Valmet Furnace IR boiler cameras are designed to provide advanced integrated infrared (IR) imaging and depth of view capability for critical boiler areas


Image: The Valmet Furnace Imaging System provides the advanced integrated infrared IR imaging capability for critical boiler areas. Photo: courtesy of Valmet.

Finnish automation technology services provider Valmet has been awarded a contract to supply boiler diagnostics system to Shandong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock in China.

Under the contract, Valmet will be responsible for the supply of a Valmet Furnace IR Camera System.

Shandong Sun Paper project manager Fei Da said: “Valmet is an important partner for Shandong Sun Paper. We trust their people, technology and solutions. We believe their combustion diagnostics and monitoring system will help to optimize our recovery boiler operation.”

Details of Valmet Furnace IR system

Valmet said that the Valmet Furnace IR boiler cameras are designed to provide advanced integrated infrared (IR) imaging and depth of view in order to allow comprehensive observation and analysis at full load.

The real-time ability to identify problems and apply solutions would result in higher boiler availability, reduced risk of catastrophic failure, improve heat transfer efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs.

Valmet Area Sales Manager Chenglin Si said: “We are very glad that we can now provide a wider range of offering to our pulp and paper customers.

“This high-tech combustion diagnostics meets well our customers’ needs, helps them to improve efficiency and safety, and provides possibilities to extend to advanced closed loop control to decrease the emissions of recovery boiler.”

Scheduled to be delivered during the last quarter of 2019, the system is planned to be installed in a new recovery boiler of Sun Paper.

The system, which will provide advanced temperature measurement capability for critical boiler areas, is expected to optimize the recovery boiler availability and operation.

Shandong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock is a subsidiary of cross-national papermaking group Shandong Sun Holdings Group.

Shandong Sun Paper operates six major product lines which include premium coated packaging paperboard, high-class art paper, high-class cultural and office paper, speciality fibre dissolving pulp, household paper, and industrial paper.

In July 2019, Valmet was selected to supply DNA automation system and measurements to Xuzhou Zhongxing Paper in China.

The Valmet DNA automation system and consistency transmitters will be equipped on the PM1 paper machine of Xuzhou Zhongxing Paper.