The recyclable fibre-based pouches, developed using UPM’s Confidio barrier paper, can be used for dry, frozen, and greasy foods


UPM Specialty Papers, SN Maschinenbau develop recyclable fibre-based pouch. (Credit: UPM)

UPM Specialty Papers and horizontal pouch-packaging machines maker SN Maschinenbau have jointly developed a recyclable fibre-based pouch.

UPM Specialty Papers in collaboration with SN Maschinenbau tested a range of heat-sealable barrier papers on the latter’s packaging machines in a joint project.

The project aimed to develop recyclable, renewable, fibre-based paper pouches for dry, frozen, and greasy foods.

During recycling, the paper-plastic laminates are recycled, and the fibres are collected but the plastic is incinerated, UPM Specialty Papers said.

UPM’s Confidio barrier paper is said to be more recyclable in comparison to traditional heat-sealed pouches that mostly contain plastic, or paper with a separate plastic layer.

The barrier papers are also compatible with existing SN pouch-packaging machines. It requires no new investments or technical changes.

UPM R&D packaging portfolio development manager Esa Saukkonen said: “Compared to a paper-plastic laminate, UPM Confidio barrier paper offers a much higher level of fibre collection, helping customers achieve recyclability targets.

“According to certified recyclability tests, up to 99% of the paper can be recycled into raw material for new fibre-based products.”

SN Maschinenbau intended to use a material that can be seamlessly integrated into existing pouch packaging machinery. The company has the expertise to manufacture and process the recyclable and renewable packaging materials that are in demand.

The latest offering is said to be a ready-to-go fibre-based solution for applications where heat sealing is required.

SN Maschinenbau marketing team lead Felix Eberhardi said: “We see that our customers are increasingly using paper to make their pouch packaging sustainable and recyclable.

“Therefore, it is important for SN Maschinenbau that we can assure them of the processability of new sustainable packaging materials, without compromising on quality.

“In some cases, this means adapting existing machines to new materials. For this reason, we have collaborated with UPM Specialty Papers and tested the compatibility of their heat-sealable barrier paper on our machines.”

Recently, UPM Specialty Papers partnered with chemical company Henkel to create a new recyclable, heat-sealable barrier paper packaging material.