Tricor focuses on the development and production of standard and customer-specific industrial packaging solutions


Image: Tri-Wall is set to acquire Germany’s Tricor Packaging and Logistics. Photo: courtesy of rawpixel from Pixabay.

Tri-Wall, a consolidated subsidiary of Rengo, is set to acquire Germany-based Tricor Packaging and Logistics to expand its European business.

The deal is expected to help Tri-Wall to become one of the major providers of heavy-duty corrugated packaging solutions in Europe.

Tri-Wall chairman Yuji Suzuki said: Suzuki: “TRICOR is the #1 non-paper integrated producer of heavy-duty corrugated packaging in Europe and will help us tremendously in expanding our business in Europe as well as other attractive industrial markets around the world.”

Tricor Packaging and Logistics, which is the holding company of the Tricor Group, manages five production sites, one logistics platform and four service centres in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Business activities of Tricor

Tricor is involved in the development and production of standard and customer-specific industrial packaging solutions made of heavy-duty corrugated board.

Via its subsidiary Transcor Logistics, the company provides complimentary warehousing and specialised logistics solutions.

Through its subsidiary Gutmann Anlagentechnik, the group provides mechanical engineering and process automation services for different applications such as assembly equipment for heavy-duty packaging solutions.

Tricor serves industrial customers in the automotive, chemical, mechanical and electronics sectors across Central Europe.

The deal is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

Rengo chairman, president and CEO Kiyoshi Otsubo said: “We are delighted that TRICOR will become a member of Rengo Group. The Rengo Group defines itself as a “General Packaging Industry (GPI)” providing comprehensive solutions for a wide range of packaging needs.

“We firmly believe that welcoming TRICOR—which has specialized knowledge and high technological development capabilities in industrial packaging solutions for international customers—will further strengthen the Group’s capabilities and bring significant profits to both sides.”

In April 2017, Thai Containers Group (TCG), a joint venture between Rengo and SCG Packaging Public Company, acquired an 80% interest in PT Indocorr Packaging Cikarang.

Tri-Wall offers a range of pre-designed corrugated packaging with multiple shapes, sizes and specifications to its customers.