The new flexographic press is equipped with 10-colour stations, UV-LED curing lamps, and UV and E-Beam lamination adhesives


The FA-26 landscape design printing unit ensures optimum register and consistent high print quality at all speeds. (Credit: Nilpeter A/S.)

Texas-based TQL Packaging Solutions (TQL) has invested in Nilpeter FA-26 flexographic press to advance in packaging films printing.

The new multi-faceted, in-line flexographic press is claimed to be the widest press released to the global market to date.

The FA-26 press is equipped with 10-colour stations, UV-LED curing lamps, and both UV and E-Beam lamination adhesives to produce a wide range of flexible packaging.

It is designed to increase the profitability of short-run conversion of film structures for pouches, sachets, stick packs and shrink sleeves.

TQL is now targeting the business with complex graphics which require photo-image quality and soft edges.

TQL Packaging Solutions founder Scott Smith said: “Nilpeter’s technology in the FA-26 has jumped from previous films presses. It greatly minimises the bounce that some images produce on our traditional film presses, and it allows us to increase speed.

“There’s a huge number of buyers out there that want the super high quality and consistency that they’re used to getting from gravure. This new press allows us to deliver on that expectation with quicker turnaround and lower cost.”

The new flexographic press is said to have the same features and benefits of Nilpeter brand is regarded for narrow web printing market with wider throughput and a new a print head design.

With strong unit construction, compact footprint, and landscape design, the press is fully sleeve-based for anilox and plate roll, with a closed ink chamber system.

Nilpeter global sales director Jakob Landberg said: “The frames are welded together and powder coated, with all drilling, grinding and threading processes completed in one step.

“In this way, when our customers store positions in the job files, jobs can be recalled to the tightest tolerance with the presses holding ultra-tight register over the run length, and consistency from job to job.”

In July this year, UK-based self-adhesive and resealable labels provider Macfarlane Labels has installed a new high spec Nilpeter FA 10-colour Flexo press to meet the current and future demand from major brand owners.