AvantForte kraftliner can be used for fresh, fatty or moist food packaging and e-commerce packaging applications


Stora Enso has launched new food-safe kraftliner called AvantForte. (Credit: Stora Enso)


Finnish pulp and paper products manufacturer Stora Enso has introduced new food-safe kraftliner, dubbed AvantForte, which helps corrugated packaging producers to enter into new segments.

The new AvantForte kraftliner will also serve as a safe and plastic-free packaging for brand owners, helping to meet their sustainable goals.

Part of the company’s Avant corrugated packaging material portfolio, the new AvantForte is produced using sustainably sourced virgin fibre and provided as brown and white-top kraftliner.

AvantForte features the company’s patent-pending Tri-Ply technology, which equips the product with three fiber layers to enhance the strength, save weight per package and improve printability.

Claimed to be 10% stronger than other kraftliners, AvantForte is suitable for fresh, fatty, or moist food packaging and high-end e-commerce packaging applications.

The renewable and recyclable AvantForte has been designed to offer quality and packaging performance at lower weight than other kraftliners.

Stora Enso is converting a production line at Oulu mill to manufacture new food-safe kraftliner

Stora Enso is said to convert a production line at Oulu mill in Finland from woodfree coated paper to kraftliner for the commencement of the production of a new kraftliner from the fourth quarter of this year.

Stora Enso containerboard business unit SVP Henna Pääkkönen-Alvim said: “Meeting tightening food safety regulations and reducing the weight of packaging require high-quality materials. Corrugated packaging converters have improved their capabilities and will benefit from high-performing kraftliners.

“AvantForte will have high strength and good printability, enabling corrugated packaging producers to design and produce premium, eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging with less weight, thereby reducing carbon emissions and waste.”