The onsite injection moulding capabilities at the 35,000ft2 facility enable the production of additional parts and packaging materials apart from supporting the production of histology cassettes


Production of histology cassettes at the new StatLab histology consumable manufacturing facility. (Credit: Business Wire)

StatLab Medical Products has started injection moulding manufacturing at its new histology consumable manufacturing site in Arlington, Texas, US.

The 35,000ft2 facility is expected to provide laboratories the confidence of additional core histology consumables produced by StatLab in the US.

The injection moulding plant expands the company’s in-house manufacturing network to a total of six sites in the US, UK, and Germany.

With space for future expansion, the Arlington plant is expected to make the supply chain shorter, more reliable, and more effective.

In addition to supporting the production of histology cassettes, onsite injection moulding capabilities enable the production of additional parts and packaging materials, the medical diagnostic equipment and supplies provider said.

This further lowers a product’s carbon footprint, brings down costs, and increases customer value while granting greater control over the supply chain and ecosystem for product development.

The development of the facility was driven by the acquisition of Wales-based CellPath in 2022, which is known for injection moulding and the production of histology supplies.

The Arlington, Texas facility also intends to add glass slide manufacturing and blow moulding to its list of planned capability expansions.

StatLab CEO Dae Hong said: “As we expand sales of PiSmart Cassette printers here in the US market, giving customers confidence in a readily-available supply of the consumable cassettes used with the printer is imperative.

“None of this would have been possible without the help of our Newtown, Wales operational and technical teams to support this key capability expansion.

“We are grateful for their collaboration and partnership to build on their experience spanning more than 30 years with high-quality precision injection moulding.”

The introduction of StatLab’s new histology manufacturing capabilities gives the company the adaptability to meet market demands.

It also diversifies its range of manufactured cassettes to include a wide range of styles suitable for manual use as well as compatibility with other printers on the market.