The range helps to cut down on the use of plastic and includes reusable bags for fruit & vegetables and bakery products


SPAR Hungary’s sustainable packaging solutions. (Credit: SPAR International)

Following a successful test period, SPAR Hungary has now expanded the use of various eco-friendly packaging solutions in all SPAR stores nationwide. Launched last year, the range helps to cut down on the use of plastic and includes reusable bags for fruit & vegetables and bakery products, as well as multi-use silicone lids for certain SPAR Own Brand dairy products and sandwich spreads.

“Committed to protecting the environment, SPAR Hungary monitors customer requirements. The development of our sustainability policy always considers these”, explained Márk Maczelka, Head of Communications at SPAR Hungary.

“Following last year’s successful pilot for testing and introducing reusable bags for fruit & vegetables, this year we extend the availability of eco-friendly bags for bakery products and silicone covers for dairy products to our entire SPAR store network. These alternative solutions provide another great opportunity for a more eco-conscious shopping experience to our customers”, Márk Maczelka added.

Each fruit & vegetable packaging kit contains three bags which can be used in two different ways. When shopping with self-service scales, customers can weigh the products without the bag, then place the product in the bag and add the price tag. When shopping with built-in scales at staffed checkouts, the selected goods should be taken out of the bag to ensure that the scales only register the net weight of the product.

The reusable bags for baked goods are available in two sizes. The larger ones are for loaves of bread and the smaller ones for rolls, croissants, and other smaller bakery products.

Last year, SPAR Hungary started trialling the use of reusable silicone covers on own-brand sandwich spreads and certain dairy products. These reusable and easy-to-clean covers help preserve the quality of opened products.

Source: Company Press Release