The new company will offer an integrated solution, which will help track the complete life cycle of paper, cardboard and carton packaging


Smurfit Kappa has launched new recycling company in Germany. (Credit: Smurfit Kappa)

Paper-based packaging solutions provider Smurfit Kappa has launched a new company, Recycling Dual GmbH, for manufacturers and retail businesses in Germany.

The new company will offer German businesses with integrated licencing service for recycling, as well as support them to minimise costs and enhance their sustainability efforts in line with the updated legislation.

Smurfit Kappa recovered paper vice president Henri Vermeulen said: “We are delighted to provide this first to market service to our customers in Germany. Recycling Dual provides a cost-effective solution for our customers which boosts recycling rates and meets a specific business need.”

Recycling Dual provides an integrated solution to track the complete life cycle of paper, cardboard and carton packaging from production through to being recycled. The solution helps to focus on duplication to remove from the supply chain and reduce costs.

Recycling Dual also enables to close the full loop for paper-based packaging for its customers, as well as recycle packaging from their products via a nationwide collection system.

Smurfit stated that the company was established in response to a federal law that was enacted last year requiring stricter recycling requirements for all manufacturers and retailers who use consumer packaging as part of their supply chain, specifically for e-commerce companies with e-commerce packaging.

The new company will organise the collection, sorting and recycling of sales packaging for businesses across Germany.

Recycling Dual collaborates with multiple stakeholders including local municipalities and waste management companies, as part of the service.

Recycling Dual managing director Heiner Oepen said: “The integrated system combines Smurfit Kappa’s expertise in paper, packaging and long-term experience in the recycling industry and delivers on our solution-focused approach to assisting our customers.”

In November this year, Smurfit Kappa partnered with KHS, a supplier of filling and packaging systems, to launch sustainable TopClip multipack product designed for bundling canned beverages.