The new recyclable TopClip multipack solution eliminates the need for shrink wrap on cans and bottles


Smurfit Kappa and KHS join forces to roll out TopClip solution. (Credit: Smurfit Kappa)

Packaging company Smurfit Kappa has partnered with KHS, a supplier of filling and packaging systems, to launch sustainable TopClip multipack product designed for bundling canned beverages.

The new recyclable multipack solution, which eliminates the need for shrink wrap on cans and bottles, was launched last year at Smurfit Kappa’s global Better Planet Packaging Day.

Smurfit Kappa said that the partnership brings an end-to-end solution including a combined packaging solution and high speed, efficient packaging machines for the beverage companies.

The patented, 100% plastic-free TopClip allows the consumer to easily remove or pull apart the cans while addressing their needs for more environmentally-friendly packaging.

TopClip protects cans from contamination

By covering the top of can multi-packs, the TopClip protects the cans from contamination while providing enhanced consumer handling and branding opportunities.

Smurfit Kappa Europe CEO Saverio Mayer said: “Since its launch last year, the TopClip packaging solution has generated significant interest as a sustainable option to plastic alternatives and is considered one of the best solutions in the market, from both a consumer experience and sustainable perspective.

“Our customers rely on us to provide innovative and high-quality end-to-end packaging solutions and this partnership with a technology world leader like KHS allows us to work in perfect harmony with their high-spec machine solutions.”

Moreover, the product’s sustainability credentials are further boosted with a 30% lower carbon footprint compared to a shrink-wrap consumer pack.

KHS chief sales officer Johannes Grobe said: “At KHS, we take on a pioneering role when it comes to sustainability and the TopClip product illustrates a further alternative when it comes to providing sustainable packaging solutions for retailers and brands.

“TopClip is a further game-changer for the beverage industry and together with Smurfit Kappa, we are delighted to provide our customers with a holistic packaging and automation solution.”

Earlier this year, the TopClip was launched on the market by beer brewer Royal Grolsch as a paper-based replacement for the plastic shrink wrap on their can multi-packs.