The Black 10P925 pigment is suitable for colouring plastic articles used for producing, packaging and transporting food


Shepherd Color has introduced new IR Black colourant for packaging applications. (Credit: PRNewswire / The Shepherd Color Company)

The Shepherd Color Company has introduced a new cost-effective IR Black colourant for packaging applications.

The carbon black pigmentation consumes the light from the emitter used in plastic sorting centres, which avoid the sensor from detecting the polymer used. It will help to reject and not recycle the material.

According to the company, black is a prominent colour used for plastic packaging, which is generally carbon black pigment.

Shepherd has optimised Arctic Black 10P925 for infrared sorting of plastics

The new IR Black colourant, dubbed Arctic Black 10P925, has been optimised for infrared sorting of plastics. It has the capacity to reflect IR wavelengths in recycling sorting facilities, enabling to easily recycle particles.

Shepherd’s new IR Black pigment offers various benefits, including jet masstone colour, non-magnetic, survives multiple extrusions, single pigment solution, widely listed on chemical registries for global supply and food packaging compliance in major EU market

The Black 10P925 pigment can also be used in other coatings, in addition to colouring plastic articles used for producing, packaging and transporting food.

Shepherd stated that the new pigment is an illustration of its R&D expertise in developing products that offer particular tools to address the challenges of customers in the coatings and plastics industries.

Established in 1981, The Shepherd Color is engaged in the production of a range of complex inorganic colour pigments (CICPs) used in different industries.

With advanced weatherability, non-warping, heat and chemical resistance features, the company’s inorganic pigments help to deliver stable and long-lasting colour for multiple applications.

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