Serac has unveiled a new eMC capper machine to meet the needs of manufacturers who decide to operate less industrial sites and concentrate their production.

The machine, which is configured with 12 heads, will be able to give an output of 420 pump bottles per minute.

It has the capacity to handle almost all closing systems including oriented, non-oriented, screw, push-on caps, screw or push-on finger pump sprayers and pump dispensers, push-on trigger sprayers.

Serac claims that the machine can be used in several settings of production lines that have to deal with various packagings, or as a scalable solution, enabling to anticipate a shift from conventional caps to pumps.

The machine is equipped with optimum gripping system which can grasp the tube at its highest point, allowing for proper alignment, before introducing it into the bottle.

The new machine is said to be completely controlled by electronic components, which deliver optimum flexibility and accuracy at every step of the capping process. The name eMC, as per the company stands for electronic motion control.

Electronic control of the machine allows for instantaneous adaption of capping head stroke to tube length and avoids loss of time due to lesser movements.

The spindles present on the machine are supported by two brushless motors which allow for torque application and spindle rotation speed. The second motor is used for managing electronic cam that allows for up and down movement for tube straightening and pressing force.

These spindle rotations and up and down movements are independent and lead to grasping and releasing of the pumps while the spindle is at a standstill.

Electronics also increase the overall availability of the machine by reducing the number of wear parts and facilitate remote assistance.

Finally, the company claims to have added in this machine its ultra-fast format changeover system: all tooling parts as well as capping jaws can be changed very quickly, without any tool.

Image: Serac introduces new capping machine for bottles. Photo: Courtesy of serac.