Propack, a provider of robotic packaging solutions, has introduced a new product delivery system called PSST/120.


Image: Propack’s new PSST/120 product delivery system. Photo: courtesy of Propack.

The new product delivery system utilizes stepper servo technology to secure randomly presented products from baggers, pouchers and flow wrappers to synchronize product delivery to high speed cartoning machines.

Propack’s new intelligent product delivery system has a maximum packing rate of 120 PPM (single) to 80 twin packs per minute based on  product size.

The system monitors and phases on various motion controlled staging sections to either a single or dual product transfer module.

The PSST/120 system, which will handle with products between 4″ to 16″ in length and up to 8″ in width, can be configured to synchronize, stage and transfer single or twin pack product formats with precise product speed and position control.

Based on the requirement, the operators can switch to the optional pass via delivery system for bulk packing or WIP preparation.

Featuring a sanitary stainless steel frame, the new system is said to add a new level of synchronization and on-time and on-demand product delivery to the cartoning line.

The system is also provided with an internally illuminated and fully guarded transfer and synchronizing staging section for better visibility and operator safety.

Propack offers custom robotic packaging solutions for different applications and package styles. The company is specialized in providing high speed pick and place systems for applications such as cakes, cookies, candy, granola and snack bars.

The firm’s robotic packaging systems are suitable to handle package styles such as trays and cartons in single or dual lane configurations.

Propack produces various packaging solutions such as LJ-TRT, LJ-DUAL and LB-SRT, in addition to PSST/120.

The LJ-TRT robotic product collator and robotic carton loader is suitable for handling the output from medium to high-speed flow-wrappers.

The system offers speeds up to 900 incoming cartons per minute and 85 output cartons per minute. It is provides with triple turbo-train product bucket conveyors for high-speed and precise collation.