The acquisition of Panther will enable ProMach to further expand its labelling capabilities into key strategic areas such as eCommerce, manufacturing, distribution warehouse, fulfilment and third-party logistics (3PL)


ProMach snaps up Panther Industries to further expand labelling capabilities. (Credit:Akshay93/Pixabay)

ProMach, a provider of packaging machinery solutions, has acquired automated labelling equipment provider Panther Industries to expand its labelling capabilities.

Panther Industries, established in 2000, produces print and apply labelling systems as well as pre-printed label applicator systems.

Based in Colorado, the company claims that it supplies labelling equipment to Fortune 1000 companies as well as SMEs across North America.

ProMach believes that the acquisition of Panther to further expand its labelling capabilities into key strategic areas including eCommerce, manufacturing, distribution warehouse, fulfilment, third party logistics (3PL), and other fast-moving industries.

ProMach president and CEO Mark Anderson said: “With the addition of Panther, ProMach brings a very comprehensive print and apply capability to customers across North America.

“This includes a broad range of labelling systems optimised for specific market applications along with a network of regional label converting locations to bring customers local support on a large scale.

“The result is a single-source partner for nearly any customer to mark, identify, and track both primary and secondary packaging operations on their production lines backed by dedicated sales and service technicians to keep their labelling operations running at peak efficiency.”

ProMach to integrate Panther Industries with its Labelling & Coding business

ProMach will add Panther Industries and its team to its Labelling & Coding business line, which is led by group president Alan Shipman.

With more than 15 sales and service offices as well as seven label converting facilities, ProMach’s Labelling & Coding business line provides both labels and machinery to its customers throughout North America.

ProMach’s Labelling & Coding business has product brands including ID Technology, EPI, Code Tech and Greydon.

Panther Industries founder and president Jim Thompson will continue leading Panther as vice president and general manager

Thompson said: “I feel Panther has joined the best team in the labelling industry. ProMach has an excellent reputation for investing in their brands and combining their unique strengths to better serve customers.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for Panther customers to benefit from ProMach’s portfolio of solutions and for current ProMach customers to access more options to streamline their labelling operations.”

In August this year, ProMach acquired Fogg Filler, a provider of liquid filling solutions.

Fogg Filler is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry.