Fogg Filler is involved in the designing and manufacturing of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry


ProMach has acquired liquid filling solutions provider Fogg Filler. (Credit: Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay)

Packaging machinery solutions provider ProMach has acquired Fogg Filler to enhance its liquid filling solutions capabilities.

Based in Holland of Michigan, Fogg Filler is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry.

The acquisition of Fogg will allow ProMach to expand its filling capabilities and advance its extended shelf life (ESL) filling systems for hot and cold applications, as well as filling systems for food and beverage customers.

Fogg currently offers rotary filling, capping, bottle rinsing, cap sorting, and cap sterilisation systems to a range of companies in the dairy, juice, water, alcohol, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other consumer packaged goods markets.

Fogg’s products and solutions can be used in different customer applications ranging from flavoured waters to wine, milk, orange juice, beer, kombucha, antifreeze, as well as both carbonated and non-carbonated liquids.

The company’s gravity and pressure gravity filling technologies hold the capacity to fill containers up to five liters in size and with a range from up to 120 filling valve systems that run at speeds up to 1,200 bottles per minute.

ProMach will include Fogg in its filling business line

Fogg fillers, which are suitable to be used with the company’s other equipment offerings such as cappers, rinsers, sanitisers, and skid, can be fully incorporated into monobloc filler/capper combinations or tribloc rinser/filler/capper combinations for a complete turnkey solution.

In addition, the firm’s filling machinery can be integrated with HEPA filtration enclosures, clean in place (CIP) systems, customized safety and sanitation guarding, change parts carts, and others.

ProMach will include Fogg in its filling business line, which includes other brands such as Modern, Pacific, and Federal.

ProMach president and CEO Mark Anderson said: “The Fogg brand is well known and highly regarded in the marketplace and we are thrilled to welcome the entire Fogg team to ProMach.

“Fogg shares the same commitment as ProMach for bringing value and unwavering support to their customer base, which makes them a perfect fit for what ProMach customers have come to know and expect when working with us.”