Pfizer will use Valor Glass vials for a portion of currently marketed drug products, as part of the multiyear agreement


Pfizer world headquarters in Manhattan, New York. (Credit: Coolcaesar)

US-based drugmaker Pfizer has selected Corning Valor Glass packaging for some of its currently marketed drug products.

Corning, a materials science company, has entered into a long-term purchase and supply agreement with Pfizer for Corning Valor glass.

Pfizer global supply president Mike McDermott said: “Our collaboration with Corning is one example of how we continually evaluate new technologies and innovations that have the potential to advance our manufacturing reliability and efficiency.”

Under the multiyear agreement, Pfizer will use Valor Glass vials for a portion of currently marketed drug products, pending regulatory approval.

Pfizer has continued to assess Valor Glass’ performance across several aseptic sites, since first launching its collaboration with Corning.

The company has tested multiple vial sizes with a broad range of drug products under its sterile injectables portfolio.

Corning’s Valor Glass packaging can resist breakage, damage, and particulate contamination

Corning’s Valor Glass packaging solution has advanced chemical durability, as well as holds the capacity to resist breakage, damage, and particulate contamination.

Valor Glass is provided with a low-friction exterior coating, which improves manufacturing productivity by facilitating increased throughput and quality assurance for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Corning chairman and CEO Wendell Weeks said: “Our strong customer relationships and shared passion for life-changing innovations make products like Valor Glass possible. Together, with Pfizer, we are revolutionizing an industry in which quality matters most – pharmaceutical packaging.”

In July 2017, Corning has collaborated with Gerresheimer to speed up the deliveries of Valor glass to the pharmaceutical packaging market.

Corning and Gerresheimer have been working together since 2015 for the pharmaceutical glass packaging market.